About This Shop

Hi there.  


Welcome to WELFM Shop.


This shop was started for one reason and one reason only - to find quality deals at an affordable price. We are a family run business in a large city (New York) that understands the consequences of living in a large city. Living in the one of the most expensive cities in the world, we know how to get the biggest bang for your buck.


We spend a lot of time researching, reviewing, and testing products to ensure what you get home is of premium quality.


Our team crawls the web night and day looking for quality deals. We use our our own derived equation:
IIWI = Quality Score/ Price.
The IIWI score has to always be greater than or equal to 1.
where IIWI = Is It Worth It
Not only will you find great prices here, but be assured that you are shopping from a place you can trust and a place that values it's customers and their wallet.


Customer satisfaction and loyalty are our number one priority.


So here's to a  healthier you, a healthier wallet, and a healthier and safer cybernet experience.
Keepin it real,
Joanna Gasdogas 
Founder of WELFM SHOP







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